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fotografia de las cumbres para la pagina de historia dosThis beautiful place was originally developed to produce fresh mushrooms, using the natural vapors from the Zunil geothermic system in the pasteurization process.   

Mushroom production in one year only required thirty days of natural vapors, while the rest of the year the land remained without any use.  Capitalizing on this opportunity, we decided to build sauna baths, and make a proper use of the resources, while improving a long standing tradition in the region. Our sauna services have been well accepted due to the benefits that they provide to our visitors.

We are now pleased to share with you and your family what God and Mother Nature have given us.  Along with our jacuzzi and sauna services we offer: event halls, gym, squash court, hotel, board games and, of course, our renowned restaurant.

We are locate in El Municipio of Zunil surrounded by four volcanoes, Zunil, Santo Tomás and the Beautiful Santa María and Santiaguito, this last one is the most active in the West of Guatemala.

2,077.66 above sea level
Cold climate

Outfit to bring:

You need clothes for cold weather; sweater, jacket, sneakers, sun glasses etc.

El municipio of zunil

fotografia de las cumbres para la pagina de historiaZunil is mentioned in Guatemala´s history due to a prince known in the Colony Period, whose name was HUIZITZIL TZUNUN, he helped the national hero, King Quiche Tecun Uman, sending warriors to join battles. People in Zunil dedicate their selves to growing different kind of vegetables, 98 percent of the people are indigenous and speak a native language (Quiché). Zunil is famous for its thermal waters of the springs, the Catholic Colonial Church, textiles and cloth made by the women of the region.

It is very easy to get to Zunil from Guatemala City, 200 kilometers away, going by the Costa Sur road (CA-2) and 217 kilometers going by the Tierra Fría road (CA – 1). We are 18 kilometers away from Quetzaltenango City. You can either go by bus or by car. If you go by bus from Guatemala City, take a bus to Quetzaltenango. Here are some good options.

  • Transportes Alamo 12 Avenida “A” 0-65 zona 7, Quinta Samayoa. Phones: 2471-8626 2279-8751.
  • Transportes America phone:7761-2063
  • Transportes Linea Dorada, phone: 7767-5198.
  • In Quetzaltenango get in touch with:
  • Adrenalina Tours. They offer round trip transportation to Las Cumbres from Quetzaltenango, they also offer other trips to different parts of Guatemala, daily. Phone: 77614509 77610654.

Personalize service is one of the priorities in our hotel, in which you will have an unforgettable moment of relax away from smog and noise of the city. You will be surrounded by nature and feel the calmness of the mountains, the fresh air, and the birds singing during the whole day.

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Sustainable Tourism Certified GREAT Green Deal
Certificate No. CCGGD-01-101-10
Approval Date: 2010 09 10
Expiration Date: 2011 09 15

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