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fotografia del hotel de las cumbres unoThe rooms have sauna, Jacuzzi, chimney, cable TV, CD player, room service, private bath. Each room has its own name, from the most importer indigenous towns of the Departamento of Quetzaltenango:

  • Room No. 1 San Juan Olintepeque
  • Room No. 2 Zunil
  • Room No. 3 San Miguel Sig├╝ila.
  • Room No. 4 Santa Cruz Cajola.
  • Room No. 5 San Pedro Almolonga
  • Room No. 6 San Martin Sacatepequez (Chile Verde)
  • Room No. 7 Cabrican
  • Room No. 8 San Francisco la Union.
  • Room No. 10 San Juan Ostuncalco
  • Room No. 11 Quetzaltenango
  • Room No. 12 Cantel.

The rooms have a rustic country style, with wooden roof, stone floor and concrete sinks all decorated with typical fabrics which are very colorful, all together give an architectural warm atmosphere and very comfortable place for resting. The rooms are decorated everyday with rose petals, fruit baskets and wine. The towels are originally set to form beautiful figures. Every little detail is to make your stay the most comfortable experience.

fotografia para la pagina de hotel de las cumbres numero dosThe Jacuzzi is a small pool with a system of underwater jets that deliver water under pressure in order to massage and invigorate the body. Jacuzzi started to become famous in the year of 1968, they became a revolutionary in the bath system factories. Nevertheless, Jacuzzi are not only for relaxing they are also used prescribe by physician, for people who suffer of different muscles illness, or rheumatism.


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Sustainable Tourism Certified GREAT Green Deal
Certificate No. CCGGD-01-101-10
Approval Date: 2010 09 10
Expiration Date: 2011 09 15

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