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Saunas and its properties

fotograifa del sauna de las cumbres Our Saunas use natural steam fed by underground sulfur hot springs. As soon as you enter in the sauna you start to sweat, the heat begins to dilate the capillary vessels to maintain the blood pressure which sometimes begin to decrease at the beginning. The heart beat goes up; this allows the circulation of the skin surface to increase. Saunas are most of the times made of wood, but these ones are made of concrete and stone due to the high amount of heat and humidity. The heat is not control by a thermostat in our saunas, but by concrete lids which are very effective.

Saunas provide of different healing properties: Eliminates toxins, helps eliminate virus and tumor cells, and increases the body defenses. One of the most common things why people visit saunas is because it provides of relaxing and stress release.

The heart bombs blood to the body in a higher rate and circulation becomes better during a sauna session. The muscles and skin are ideal for a massage therapy, or for any skin therapy, and weight control therapy, after going out of the sauna.

fotografia del sauna para las cumbres dosThe water used in our baths and Jacuzzi is from thermal water of the springs. It comes from a spring in the volcanic mountains, the yellow color and the acid flavor is due to the sulphur that it contains. This water is healthy; it clarifies skin pores and activates other organs in the body. It is specially recommended for people who suffer of skin problems, rheumatism, bone fracture and lungs. It also helps muscle relaxing.

Our Sauna services for people who do not stay at the hotel are from 7:00 am. to 7:00 pm, Open everyday, including holidays.

Sauna is not recommended for everyone

People who suffer of high blood pressure or any heart disease should ask a physician before having a sauna session. Women who are planning to have a baby or are pregnant, should not do it frequently, studies show that babies born from mothers that use saunas very often suffer 50% more of spina bifida. In men it can decrease the production of spermatozoon.

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